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Analysis of Population growth patterns the past 50 years on the isle
Subject: Analysis of Population growth patterns the past 50 years on the isle
By: wentcoastal (View Profile)
Created: 9/24/2012 2:54:42 PM
These are calculated from the statistics given at the end, which are from the Urban Development document recently published on the municipal website. I rounded them and did the math & comparisons (and left out the stats for the whole municipality).

They are just for the island.

Each decade the island population grew approximately:
1960-1970 +1600
1970-1980 + 500
1980-1990 +7300
1990-2000 + 200
2000-2010 +2000

If you look at this in 20 year cycles:
1960-1980: +2100
1980-2000: +7500
1970-1990: +7800
1990-2010: +2200

Recent Growth Patterns:
2000-2010 +2000 ~Past ten years
1990-2010 +2200 ~Past twenty years
1980-1990 +7300 Largest increase in a ten year period occurred ~twenty to thirty years ago.

Here"s the island population:

1960 1071
1970 2663
1980 3164
1990 10,448 1995 8482
2000 10,666 2005 11,325 2007 11,657
2010 12,642
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