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Larry and Lisa's October 2000 Isla Trip report Part 2

By: buster8
Date: 11/19/2000

I left that
cemetery with a very strong feeling of family values and also a feeling like I had leaving the lil yellow school house,it was just time for me to reflect what I was feeling.Oh I almost forgot the most striking statue I saw was an angel with one finger pointed to the sky and another over its lips as if it was saying ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I put that on my picture page.

As we passed back by the Red Eye Gus told me my potato salad was done and I picked it up and said goodbye,as we were driving around this unbelievable smell was filling the air and as luck would have it it was coming right from across the street where we stopped to grab some beer.I walked across the street and they were like bar b quing this pork in this big drum like thing it was unreal how great it smelt and as we dickered back and forth should we shouldn't we here came another smiling guy giving me a taste. THATS IT we should,we had a hell of a time deciding how much to get cause it wasn't in pounds but I think
kilos or something like that and noone really spoke any English.Thank God they had containers out so we just said fill em up :-),got some Picante sauce to go with them and headed back to Media...Oh the whole thing was like $8.00 and we were four people. Now Cindy had a craving for French Fries so we asked Juan if he could get us some from Buhos BAD IDEA the fries cost more than the whole bucket of meat.It cost Cindy :-) she wanted them 150 pesos....Cindy was very funny when it came to pesos this strange look would come over her face when she was trying to figure it out and she would gladly give ya 200 pesos for an item that was $3.00 and she thought she hit the jackpot when she got change LOL.......No all kidding aside I had my problems to it was like sometimes it was a breeze and other times I would be scratching my head(which explains my sudden
lose of hair since I have returned).OMG she said I just paid $15.00 for French fries LOL.HOLD ON we forgot the potato salad I ran back to my room and got it outta the frige and we all dibbed on it OH MAN this is a must go get some of their potato salad.

Hey guys lets go to Garrafon park and check it out.
I would have to say that it is worth the ten dollars admission but there are quite allot of restrictions.
Ok lets pack the cooler with beer grab the portable speakers and head on over to the park for a day of fun in the sun.OMG did we pack the cooler LOL I think we could have supplied the whole park.Off we go on the cart we pull up pay the admission and a guide explains what the park is like and hands us a pamphlet of things to do and things NOT to do.Well I would say we had at least three things NOT to do with us.# 1 NO MUSIC #2 NO BEVERAGES #3 NO SUNTAN LOTION OH boy was John pissed he got to carry the cooler and let me tell you I think they should also advertise mountain climbing in things to do cause ya had no choice.As Johns hands started scrapping the ground from the weight of the cooler I piped up and said dont worry man I will carry it out LOL thats before I knew we wouldn't be lightening the load.OK wheres the beach I look and look and look NO beach Ok well then lets just sit here on this boardwalk kindda thing .It was actually very beautiful and the water
was crystal clear.We did a lil swimming in the pool then got our snorkel stuff and tried that out.It was I think Johns first time and I know it was Cindy's.Me and Cindy went in first and she actually did very good,kindda looked like a cork bobbing in the water but did a hell of allot better than John,everytime I turned my head under water to see where he was his was outta the water.I got up and said John the idea is to keep ur face IN the water he said this mask is killing me and as I looked at him he had his ear folded in half under the strap LOL.John and I stayed in the water and continued to snorkel saw some really nice fish
and then we started to snorkel the perimeter of the ropes near the corral and when we got to the other dock ladder OMG there were so many fish and they completely surrounded us coming right up to our masks.Overall it was nice but we still had to empty this cooler and I was NOT paying $3.50 for a beer when i had a whole cooler full.We left and went and sat on the beach in front of Buhos for the remainder of the day and emptied our cooler.

Part 6

I have just come to a conclusion..............If I dont finish up this report my mind will still be in Isla and Im not sure I will be able to go on full speed ahead with my life here in South Jersey so Im gonna make this the last post UNLESS :-) I remember something else.

This Isla thing happened to me and Lisa last year as I have mentioned and ever since I returned last November I had begone to try and convince my friends John and Cindy to go back there with us.Im sure at times they must have thought I was crazy the way I would tell them TRUST me there is something that happens to you on that Island.I guess I convinced them but inside as much faith as I had in Isla I was still a little worried that hey mabey they wouldn't think of it the way I did.You know how that goes when ya try so hard to sell something and then ya can fall flat on your face.Well it did not take very long to see in their
eyes that they to had that feeling like I have had for a year.My friend John is very artistic and each and every morning he would go down in front of Media Luna and pick up shells which had washed in from the nights changing tide.ANYBODY SEE JOHN......I dont see him but I can tell ya where he is :-).Anyway he must have made up at least 6 Corona bottles into really nice presents for people back home.He would put a little sand in them then fill them with the water and then put small shells he had found along the beach into them.NOW a small problem how was he gonna seal them????????Dinner at Bucarneros and a cork from Victor did the tricks:-).Anyway what I am trying to say is on the last day Cindy had told me that John actually had tears in his eyes when he had to leave the beach for the last time.So in my heart I was so happy and relieved that they did Trust
me and they love it every bit as much as I do.

Last year when we were there we stayed in Cancun at Blue Bay Village and as crazy and fun as it was Isla became my love.I did however want John and Cindy to experience the nightclubs there especially Liquids and La Booms.We had taken a ferry over one day to shop a little and found out from the taxi driver that liquids was closed due to the off season and the other clubs didn't open until like 9 so we decided to go to Senor Frogs first.We left Isla oh I guess about 6:30 or so,grabbed a taxi and went to Senor Frogs.OMG is this place bananas I had sex on the beach and never got any sand in my A.. LOL....The food was excellent,John had this New England clam chowder and it was served in this big bread ball like with the top cut off and put on as a lid.Im not sure what I was drinking it was blue and it was just poured down my throat,after they would give ya the shot
they would grab your head shake it back and forth and blow their whistles LOL It really was something else.We decided to leave and go to LaBooms and so we hopped in a taxi and off we went.WELL we were the first people there and for some
reason it just didn't look like the same place as last year.When we got inside these guys were all dressed in like black capes I think it was the day after Halloween YEA it was,anyway they couldn't have been any nicer and they really did keep us amused,hey why not no one else was there LOL.Im thinking OMG this is great I have been telling them what an experience this place was because last year it was jammed packed and so loud but with really nice lights shows and all.So we sat around drank,drank some more and then I called Louis over hey man where is everyone and how come no light show,well Im not sure if he understood me or If I didn't understand him but it sounded like this is about it.Oh was I upset.Im not sure how many drinks later but all of a sudden this place was JAMMED packed to the walls and before I knew it I was up on the stage dancing my A.. off LOL and then somehow we all got on the bar and started walking around OPPS hold up I wanna get me one of those things poured down my throat and it was really convenient because the guy pouring was up on the bar to.This place was a one price drink all it was $20.00 per head and I know they didn't make a cent on me,anyway I asked Louis hey
man where are all the lights and all he says follow me he takes us into this other room which hadnt opened yet and I Thought YES this is where we were last year.We went over and it was mostly Euro Disco over there but I found the guys to be very honest when I ordered a drink he said the cover charge over in the other room dosnt cover you here so why dont ya just walk over and get ur drinks in there:-)After a while we decided it was WAY to loud in there and hopped back over to the other room MAN this place was packed and there were no seats..Louis saw us and I swear he went over to another table and somehow asked the people to move and got us the table.I guess he figured since we opened the place we deserved extra attention anyway it was nice of him and the other people didn't seem to mind.OK NOW the original plan was to party until 6 in the morning WRONG we were all pretty plastered and tired so I suggested hey lets go back to the ferry Im sure there will be a guy with a private boat there and heck i will give him $50.00 bucks and I know he will take us back WRONG.........There wasn't a soul in sight Now here we are four Americans stranded on the streets.Well hey its not that bad lets just sit on the
bench here and rest a lil we only have like 3 or so hours to wait hehehehehheheheh Oh did I try and keep it light and it worked for a lil except for John he didn't seem to be smiling to much :-)My God does it get quiet that time of night in that part of town LOL........OK now everyone started getting edgy and someone suggested we get a cab and look for a place to mabey get some eggs and coffee.We hop in the cab and he takes us to I guess his neighbor hood and pulls up infront of this place and we get out ..we saw I guess like three places with people in them...and the cabby says I will be back for you guys Hey thanks man :-) we go to #1 sorry we are closing and right on down the line they all closed as we approached now remember its like 3am
we have been on the drunk all night and I start thinking mabey they see us coming LOL........Oh boy thank God thers are cabby we explain what happened and he takes us to another place we pull up its like a sidewalk kindda thing and we all get out John and I walk up to thgis woman who has a huge pot in front of her and she proceeds to put her hand in and pull this meat off of something and stick it on a roll OK LETS GO.Back in the cab and here in the States In South Jersey we have these places called WAWA well we found a WOWO there walked in and grabbed up the last three hot dogs they had LOL.Back in the Taxi and back to the Ferry...OMG I cant believe what I just did and Im not goin back to change it so let me just start from here BEFORE we went looking for food we went looking for a place to rest for a few hours I didn't care if it was gonna be $100.00
at this point,we walked down the street and saw this place OK its not that good lookin but Im sure we can lay down for a bit,we walk in well not actually in ther wasn't anything to walk into we walked down this lil path and there was a guy watching TV well I took one look and asked how much he said something and I pulled out 50 pesos he smiled took it and pointed to the room right away I knew this wasn't gonna be to nice.OMG when did we leave Cancun and go to a Turkish prison Guys it was the worst you could possibly imagine no toilet seat a rinky dink fan on the ceiling beds with stained sheets and wires all bare and some taped hanging out of everything........LETS Go I walked by the guy waved and he just smiled,probably saying to himself Wow thats great turnover LOL.Either that or we were 4 very horny Americans LOL.Ok back to the dock,we found this lil covered area with like paintings on the wall and we all just plopped down I took my shirt off and used it like a little
pillow.ALL of a sudden the ferry area started to come to life guys were pulling up with bikes full of fruits and vegetables and even crates filled with plucked whole chickens.Ya know all through this I knew this would be something we would never forget and I was right I still smile when I think about that night.I never was so happy to see people in my life.Well we all got on this BIGGGGGGGGGG boat and in the back of my mind I knew it wasn't gonna be the fast one LOL I was right OH well after what we were through just being on the way back home was nice.We all sat upstairs I laid out on the bench and just smiled to myself,see I was more concerned about how mad the other guys were at me than I was upset.I normally try and make the best out of any situation BUT OMG was this a challenge LOL.We got back Lisa went to Sleep John went to sleep me and Cindy stayed up a bit and had some coffee and chatted.At about 9:30 I went to bed.I guess it was around 3:30 in the afternoon that Cindy came in with lunch for us GOD BLESS YOU BABY :-) There was NOWAY I would have made it outta that room LOL.MMMMMMMM It was a cheeseburger and potato salad from The Red Eye.Oh and yea I heard it from Gus on our last breakfast there and I said now i know where ya got the name Red Eye..........Oh guys when ya eat at the Red Eye try the Horny pancakes they are very good :-).

A summary

I have sooooooooooooooo many lil memories that only live within me and couldn't possibly be shared in words so Im not even going to try BUT I need to say that this little special Island is so special because of the people who inhabit it so I think we need to do our share and please keep it clean it really upset me allot to see how many bottles and plastic things were laying along the
beach mabey not right out on the beach but at the outer edge.Do any of you also feel so welcomed there I mean its like the people know you and have know you, every night we would walk infront of Rolandis and I really do forget his name *frown* but Cindy and him really got to know each other and kidded around allot and he would come running out to give her a big hug and just stand and talk for awhile.Oh by the way EXCELLENT food at Rolandis the BEST cold shrimp cocktail I ever had the shrimp were so sweet and the pizza was excellent.I know there are so many other places I wanted to eat and thats just all the reason I need to return.Go see the new market guys its really very nice and up to date and the locals seem to be dealing with it
well.OMG If I stop does it mean its over?I just dont want to let this feeling go at all and am already planning my next trip.I am thinking about going for two weeks and mabey renting a house BUT how do I stay away from the North end that is going to be very hard to do OK forget the house its the NORTH end for me.There were some things that bothered me such as all the hawking in the streets and it wasn't so much that it bothered me and I found it to be ok but a lil much,although at night it was totally different and I guess they knew ya were staying on the island so they really didn't pursue you so much.

OMG am I done *frown* NO I still have so many lil memories all of my own tucked away for cloudy days

I know allot of you guys are soon gonna be going back to Isla so please do me a favor if you are walking along the beach and you see some things laying around mabey ya could find just a lil time to pick them up and throw them in a container and I know as much as we all walk around pretty soon mabey it will become the thing to do and we will have done our lil part to help keep Isla as beautiful as it is MEANT to be.

Thanks guys for listening and letting me relive my vacation and share it with people I know care You all have the best time of your lives in Isla Larry

Part 7 END

WOW talk about stretching things out

I remember wanting to get up early since we didn't have to leave the island until 11am,so I asked Cindy because she is a early riser to to get me up at like 4:30 amd we could share some coffee on the balcony and see our last Sunrise on Isla.Wow she was right on time.We sat out had some good coffee and nice chat and watched as the sun had come up every day so far in all its glory..............HEY LOOK its Brutus I grabbed my tub of treats still dressed in my wrap around and went down to give some to him and also say my good-byes.OMG is he a sweety He grabbed this plastic tub out of my hand DIDN'T run away with it only moved like 2 feet from me and tried pushing his face into it as his tongue lapped at what was inside.I knew I was only prolonging the negative in having to leave him behind and it really did have an effect on my Adams apple so I found a small patch of grass and laid the out for him/THAT lil buggers eyes followed me back into the Medai Luna until I was outta sight before he finished up what I had left him :-).hey you guys can all play with him BUT remember he is my Brutus LOL.

I am one who NEVER leaves the house without a shower but on this day I wanted to take a little swim before we left so John and I had walked around to the beach that goes way out near the Presidente Hotel and wadded out on the sand bar I took my swim and we returned to the room.Got showered dressed and off to the RED EYE to eat and say goodbye.I Love it GUS says SEE YA WHEN WE SEE YA with that smile of his.I think Gus knew in his way that he WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna see me again.I stopped and got to hammock like hanging chairs because Lisa and I are about to redo our house and I wanna do it in Mexican Flavor.

Back to Media said some good-byes and off in our taxi to the ferry.Everything went great AGI was right there and we headed out.OMG what a sad boat ride it was to,suddenly the water didn't seem so blue anymore even though it was.I mean please dont get me wrong I wasn't really SAD SAD but had this kindda empty feeling inside sortta like I had just lost a love.Our plane departures were like 15 minutes apart so we shared lunch together and off we went.OMG can this be possible its only like 7 hours later and I dont see any blue water or feel any warm breezes.

K now Im pretty sure Im done :-)

Its kindda like a painting I think to much paint can spoil the picture

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