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Larry and Lisa's October 2000 Isla Vacation

By: buster8
Date: 11/19/2000

Part 1

We just got home from Isla and as much as I know others want to visit Isla through my eyes this also gives me the opportunity to realize that it was in fact real and not a dream,so Im not really sure how this is going to play out as a trip report but more of my experience on the Island.

This Place called Isla Mujeres was just a place I thought we would visit while staying in Cancun November of last year as a daytrip,we did and then ended up staying there the next three days My all Inclusive resort I guess loved us :-).Ever since that time all I have been able to think about was returning to the Island and so with all of my enthusiasm over what we had come across I had managed to convince our very close friends to come and join us,who you may know as Cindy and John from GreenBay.

I really couldn't get much sleep the night before so we got up about 4am and started to get ready to leave for the Philadelphia airport,I had no idea it was so foggy out that You really couldn't see very far in front of you and it concerned me a lil as it always does going to catch a plane.Finally the fog lifted but a weird thing happened as we sat around the airport I hadnt heard very many planes.Our friends where meeting us at the Cancun airport and I had convinced them to stay and wait for us selfishly
wanting to see every look on there face as we landed in Isla,and as we sat at the airport a fellow was telling us that no planes were landing because of the dense fog and all I could think about was them throwing me in the water when we got there.It was then that I decided to go in and check through and as I was walking to our gate I remember saying to Lisa if Our plane is not here we are going to be delayed I could feel it in my gut.The plane was at the gate and we took off as scheduled.The flight went well and so did our connection in Atlanta and we landed in Cancun on time.I was really excited seeing almost no line at customs
and I would say in about 5 minutes we approached the counter and showed our papers,the guy looks at me and says wait you have to fill out this part Im thinking sure no problem just a sec UH UH you most go to the back of the line,hey Im thinking what line this will be ok and as I turn around it was like someone had opened the flood gates and corralled all these other human beings behind me,well only for a minute cause the next thing I knew was I was behind them AAARRRGGGHGHHHHH.Listen guys DONT forget to fill out the part on the bottom the part that if ya look at quickly ya think is for official use only TRUST me
its not.Ya know what was the worst part?the way he smiled at me when he said go to the back of the line.Now here I am
knowing that AGI Tours is there to pick us up and knowing John and Cindy are also waiting and had been waiting for I guess three hours,Oh boy Im thinking arnt they gonna just love me and Isla dont fail me now I knew once they got a hint of it how much they were hating me right then would go away LOL.There was one thing that did stick out in my mind though I hear allot of peole say ya should have passports well they had two separate places One for passports and one for Photo IDs and Birthcertifacates well our line moved I would say twice as fast as the one with passports.Now I was really upset and figured those guys left AGI left and I would have to make other arrangements.OK now all I have to do is get through the traffic light and Im home free as we walk up behind three of the sweetest looking older woman,it seemed as though the light forgot it had green in it at all, ONE TWO THREE Lil ole ladies and they all got RED!!!!!!!!!! OK babe thats it there is noway those
beautiful American lil ole ladies are gettin red and we are getting green AH HA we got green :-)I think basically because the lady who stands by the light got disgusted with how many reds were being dealt out LOL.Holly Cow theres John and Cindy and AGI :-),,,,kiss kiss arnt you guys glad to see us :-)I could almost swear I saw a smile in there somewhere.We got our stuff in the Shuttle and off we went to the ferry.I highly recommend AGI very curtious very prompt and a great price we paid $60.00 round trip for 4 people.It was a beautiful day and the waters could not have been any prettier,Im not gonna sit here and talk for John and Cindy because I know they will be doing a report but I saw that look guys,Im not so sure how they felt about
200 people attacking us as we landed it kindda reminded me of Normandy Beach LOL.We each grabbed a taxi to Media
Luna and the cost was 15 pesos.
I was very impressed with this place and would highly recommend it without any doubts.Lisa and I stayed in room #5 and John and Cindy in #6 and the way its laid out the rooms are all set back a little from each other NOT side by side but our balconies were really right next to each other and we had our own little wooded walkway to our rooms so there wasn't like allot of traffic that would be going by your rooms at all hours of the night.Not that the place was really busy,it was kindda like we almost had it to ourselves at certain times.Very clean and I found the people to be very nice,well almost always very nice There was the girl at the counter and hey I understand the difference between the male body and the female body and I know what can happen at times of the months so who am I to say she was in a bad mood NOT ME LOL :-).Actually she did seem to feel much better the next day:-).One thing guys if ya stay here nail everything down when ya open the balcony door and the one that leads out to the walkway at the same time cause its like a mini hurricane and that dag on doorstop did start to get on my nerves but I did
eventually learn how to work it pretty good with my toes.In the morning they set out coffee and fresh fruit and its very nice,but I also brought along a 4 cup Mr coffee and it really worked out well.If there is one thing I would have liked and believe me I LOVED Media and I dont wanna sound greedy but I really would have loved a swimming area on the beach infront and then I think about how pretty those coral formations are and how because it is a rougher part of the Island how many beautiful shells wash up the walk around to the swimming beach was nothing.OMG now its all coming back Playa Medai Luna actually is PERFECT :-).The pool was great and Juan who works the bar could not have been any nicer,we would sit around the pool,take the lounge chairs onto the beach,I had brought a portable cooler so I bought a bottle of rum a bottle of coke and a bag of Ice and it was heaven.The bar there and the pool are actually run by Buhos and they had there full menu there we would order and Juan would go around and pick it up for us.I brought along portable speakers for My CD player and this way we
could all sit around and Listen to Music.John is really into allot of Music and makes his own CDS so Juan would take them inside and put them on over the speakers at the bar.John and Cindy did have problems with bed bugs and I think we know where they wee coming from,when they wash the sheets they hang them outside in like this concrete room and I believe what they actually are are sand fleas.I think I found out how to stop that problem TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONER and freeze there lil butts LOL.Oh one more thing when ya wake up in the morning turn the shower on about 30 minutes before your ready to get in so it warms up and dont even think about showering together,well I mean ya can but ya gotta dance around allot cause the pressure isn't all that great BUT hey its Our lil Island and it shouldn't be any better :-)Its like everything else on Isla
why not wait :-)where ya goin anyways :-).My Overall rating for Media would have to be at least a 9.8 oH common Larry
remember that view ITS A 10.OMG I havnt even finished the first day yet,Im gonna do this bit by bit because I have so many bits.Hope Im not bending your ears to much.

Be back soon to continue.


Now where was I :-)....Oh lets just start all over


I decided that I wanted to have a cart even though I know its not necessary to have on the Island,it just kindda gives me this feeling of being able to up and go whenever and wherever I want.Before we left I contacted Pps Moto I believe from Julies page and did everything through E mail with them and was very surprised at how fast I heard back from them.Now I know you can always do better and like buying a car ya always think ya paid to much but heres what we got.We upfront booked the cart for 4 days all gas included(this is not such a big deal because these things seem to ride forever)and insurance(which I liked
allot)So we paid $175.00 for the four days 24 hours a day and they had the cart delivered to our room the next morning.There were 4 of us so broken down it was only like $21.00 per couple a day.I decided that I wanted to keep the cart for two more days so I rode by and offered $70.00 for two more days and thats what we did.It was nice to have and we really did get allot of use out of it.I think you have to way in your mind exactly what it is your gonna be doing and then think about mabey at night which is a beautiful time and things get very quiet you can hope in and experience all of the Island at your own pace.I did
however enjoy walking around town on foot and found it so much more pleasurable at night because it seemed to me that when night time fell and all the daytrippers left it became a different place much slower paced and not as much hawking.Oh did I mention how the cart came in very handy for a mid night you know what swim :-)and then another trip back to find someone's glasses that they left on the beach,which we could only find by borrowing a flashlight from the night quard at Media,but Im tellin ya we found em right away.So anyway I really liked having that option of knowing it was there if and when the spirit moved us.Oh funny point here since we are on the cart.One morning we took some clothes to be cleaned and then we went to Gomars
upstairs to grab some breakfast the town was still just waking up and so we sat along the railing looking down into the street,as we sat there we heard all these carts being started and moving around John says Oh man I hope they are not stealing our cart I just kindda laughed it off WELL when we went to get into our Pps cart it seems it was gone and nothing but Gomars carts where there,either they pushed it to the next corner or one size fits all but it was really funny and what the heck I got insurance.The guy looks at Cindy when she says Hey where is my cart and ya know what he did?HE SMILED.

Our first night ther we walked around the corner and had dinner at Zazil Ha.OMG the fish soup was sooooooooooo good but at that time I hadnt had any other on the Island to compare it to BUT it was very good even though I had found it to be better at Bucanero and different every day.I swear every dish on that Island is made to order and I truly believe this especially when you go during off season.John had a piece of salmon and he said it was great.Loved the atmosphere and the ants gave us a great show while climbing up the pole in the middle of the table.Is it me or is there not something so special about everything there,I mean Its unreal how these people take so much time in knowing you and giving you that feeling that they have all the
time in the world for you,its like OH YEA well your not gonna go any faster than the good lord wanted you to and we are gonna make sure of that :-)just try and rush them I bet my bottom dollar you will lose BUT win in the end.Im having such a hard time remembering everything moment by moment and Im not really sure i want to remember it that way,OH just remembered something,we ate allot of our breakfast at M&Js because I loved the Chaya juice and everyone else enjoyed their food as well but one day Cindy asked for Chocolate milk and when it came it had no Ice in it,No problem he went right out and bought a bag :-).Im not sure how many of you know yet but while we were there they had a grand opening for a new Super market,it was like everyone in town was there they had a big party and the place was PACKED JAMMED.We didn't go inside that night but returned and I think you are all gonna be surprised at the quality of the foods and the prices.I was somewhat concerned about it taking away so much from the local people,ya know the smaller shops and deep inside Im sure I am right but right now its all new to them.Victor from Bucaneros thought different and also was telling us how now the foods that they get can be so much fresher because of the up to date refrigeration and after taking the First Ferry back one day and seeing Chickens laying in the heat in baskets I tend to agree,there was another thing I saw that really kind of disturbed me some,there was a place further south on the Island and they had meats just hanging in the open front in the heat.?????????????? But they have been there longer than me so who am I to say how things hould be done.Just wondering if that was the reason OH NEVER mind Im not gettin into my bathroom habits LOL.Lets just say on your packing list bring some air freshner.So anyway it seemed to me that the locale people really do like this new market.

I think we may have turnt in early that night but Im not totally sure,In the back of my mind I know Cindy will be doing her report and she may be a lil better on details than I am.Oh well thanks for lettin me get some more thoughts out and if ya dont like my report to bad cause there is lots lots lots more commin :-)

Ok now all is almost complete my two hanging hammock like chairs that I got the last day on Isla were just delivered,see somehow they took a different plane back than we did.


I had set up to have a massage by Mary Ann who I came across on Julies page and it was set up for the following morning at 9am I just thought it would be a great way to start our vacation.Somehow the wires got a lil crossed and it didn't work out but Mary Ann did stop by the Hotel and left me a note explaining what had happened.Im not exactly sure how all this played out but I know that one day John and I were on the beach checking out some shells and I heard Cindy yell for me from the balcony and when a woman yells I run LOL anyway I went up and there was Mary Ann she explained to me that she had another appointment but that she would return around 1pm and that was fine.OMG its only 10 of one and Mary Ann is here :-).I make light of this but do not think in anyway I am making light of her.MaryAnn brought her own table and asked if we would like to have it on the balcony or in the room,because it was hot out we opted for the room with the air on.Lisa went first and John
Cindy and I went to the lounge downstairs and watched The Green Bay Packers and Miami football game.One hour later
MaryAnn came down and said ok Larry its ur turn :-) :-) :-).When I got back up to the room Lisa had such a relaxed look on her face and I got some idea of what i was in for.Guys let me tell ya if you do nothing else PLEASE treat yourself to this.It was the most relaxing experience I have almost ever had.Mary Ann works every part of your body(certain parts excluded and no there is no bargaining when it comes to this LOL)and in such a way that it almost becomes a story and for me it really was,she never leaves your body untouched in some way and I had the most incredible experience while she was massing my neck,head
and face my left arm had been placed on my stomach and then she started to like gently tap along the sides of my face and forehead and as she did my left thumb strtaed to twitch to her every tap.Mary Ann is the complete professional and just as sweet as she is qualified in what she does.When it was over she quietly walked out onto the balcony and just sat there letting me get up at my pace.MARYANN if you happen to see this Thank YOU so much for a wonderful experience,and remember if you and ur hubby ever have any problems let me know LOL.WHAT A LUCKY GUY.

OK so Im going from the 4th day back to the 2nd day,hey whats the hurry :-)

We all got up had some coffee in the room and went downstairs to get our cart which Pps delivered on time,off we went to M&Js for breakfast and my first glass of chaya juice which is really very good.Breakfast was good and we headed off to explore Isla.I had been a daytripper last year on the Island so I took control of the cart having some idea of where things were.Its not that I wanted to rush anything but there were so many places I wanted to show John and Cindy and we all just figured if we did this today we wouldn't feel rushed to do anything from then on.We headed south and checked out Garrafon and then onto Punta Sur walked all around bought some shells and I got a sharks toof necklace...........OK guys now lets go swim with the shark :-)since he gave up his teeth I think its the least we could do.We pulled into this place and I asked the guy how much to swim with the shark he looked at me with that lil smile and said TIP HMMMMMMMMMMM thats interesting and either way I was swimming with this shark so off we went down the dock.They have like a big area fenced in and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way over the other side I saw two shadows at the bottom of the pen I looked at out Tip guy and he proceeded to point his hand towards the sharks now that was pretty universal language so I took off my shirt and dove in(well mabey I climbed down the ladder)thinking he would be right behind me to show me the way WRONG he stood on the dock smile and all.Ok so Im thinking ok swim over reach down and pick the shark up WRONG the water was at least to my upper chest and the only way I was making contact was to dive under(dont forget there were people standing on the dock watching me and I was NOT about to ask for help)so I did and I guess I grabbed him at the wrong place cause all I know is I am now totally under water I have this shark by his tail and he thinks he is a dolphin and starts pulling me all over the
pen,so ok its time to start over I figured that if I was to wrap my arms around his front fins mabey it would be better I dove down and was able to get him into my arms,here I was holding a shark lilke it was a little baby :-).As much as I enjoyed the sensation I wasn't so sure the shark was so I didn't persue it any longer and let him go back to where he felt more comfortable.NOW my wife is not a water person much less a shark lover so when she told me she wanted to try it I actually had visions of her doing it in my head but thought that would be as far as it would have gone WRONG next thing I know I see her climbing down the ladder I think to myself if this is really gonna work the least I will have to do is get in the water first and help her down the ladder then we will deal with this shark LOL.OK so it took 25 minutes for her to actually get into the water.Now our lil tip guy I could see was getting amused by how BIG my wifes eyes were getting and he decided to jump in
with us.To make a long story short yes my wife I do believe laid a finger on the shark although I really couldn't tell because she had my face buried in her armpit and my air supply was quickly being shut off.NOW our lil tip guy was having a ball and at this point to me it wasn't to funny anymore and I thought I was gonna have to hit him over the head to make him stop smiling and pushing this shark on my wife.It was interesting to say the least.

Turtle Farm

I believe there was a 20 pesos fee and it is well worth it.They have tanks there with smaller turtles as well as the larger ones and a really nice souvenir stand.

After leaving there we rode around the Island a bit and just did some exploring.Im not sure how all of this is playing out from my eyes to urs but I know you guys who have been to Isla know that no matter when ya try and write things down there are so many beautiful things that happen in-between all of the things you think other people would want to hear about.What I am trying to say is just lazy days and slow walks do take up so much of your time and yet they really are the things you remember so well.Heres one for example one day while we were sitting around Media I wanted to take a lil swim so Lisa and I walked the
path from Media around to infront of the ole Presidente Hotel we laid down our towels I had a rum and Coke she had a Beer and I just walked out into the water where it comes under a lil bridge like that connects to a building next to the Presidente,I did some swimming and then laid back down a fellow comes up and asks me if I wanna go snorkeling and yea I did but Lisa is not into that so I passed he says I am going out now to catch lunch and he walks into the water the same water I was just swimming in with a spear and flippers and we watch him closely I guess about 20 minutes goes by and we decide to go back to the Hotel as we are sitting there I hear someone yell out to me I look over and sure enough there he is with one beauty of a fish,from where I was sitting it looked allot like a Grouper.The thing I think that impressed me as much as his fish was his
wanting to show us he did well and once again with a big smile.I know next Time I am there I will absolutely go on one of those trips.For $20.00 per person you get to snorkel like three areas,fish and then go back to the beach for a cookout.

But WHEW was that long winded and I only covered a few things LOL dont worry Im not done yet

Part 4
Ok I think I have time before the football game to get in another memory :-)

Im not sure if its me or not but it dosnt seem as though there are nearly as many stray dogs on Isla as there was last year,but I did come prepared with a tub full of treats for them little did I know I wouldn't have to stray far to find a doggy.While we were hanging around Playa Media Luna a BIG and Im almost sure it was a Rotwiler dog came by and you could tell that this dog belonged to someone because it was in very good shape.Well me and dogs get along really well and we seemed to hit it off from the git go even without my treats.This guy was a real sweetheart and had his own little routine all set up.If you guys could
only see how he would go into the water everymorning(and I first witnessed this from my balcony oh I guess around 6:30 am one day)and just basically walk around and then he would climb out and proceed to try and bury his face in the sand,I never saw anything like this in my life then he would just shake off and be perfectly clean.Well one day we were all sitting around on lounge chairs and Im guessing he had a date the night before and everything went as planned because he was in a VERY good mood,in such a good mood that he decided he waited to play tug of war with me and my tank top.First I reverted back to my everyday life and how this is supposed to be this way and that is supposed to be that way and I had second thoughts about this match but then it hit me Larry you are on isla and this doggy feels like playing so play with him,Well needless to say I let him
win and the prize was my shirt LOL,and whats even funnier was the fact that he didn't want to let it go even after the match was over he decided to take a swim and take it with him :-).It became a routine almost between him and me mornings on the beach and late afternoons he would return.Well he made pretty short work of my tub of treats and on the last day I was on my balcony and here came Brutus(my name for him)I grabbed what was left and took them down to him OMG was he funny he grabbed and pulled at that plastic tub until he got it from me stood it up and tried to stick his face into it evidently I wasn't feeding him fast enough(he must be an American doggy transplanted)but his tongue was just to short to reach.I knew this was
the last day so I just poured the rest out onto a patch of grass and Brutus even though he watched my every step as I left did finish them all.One day as I walked away he followed me but knew exactly where he could go and where he couldn't and he just sat at the rear entrance to Media.If you guys see him please tell him Larry misses him,he may be wearing a grey tank top.


Before I ever left for Isla this year I read a story by a very sweet lady named Arlene and ever since have had this school house in my mind and it became more than a thing to do it almost became a mission to me.The night before we had had our share of drinks and I wasn't in top shape and there would have been other things I would have put off but not this.On our first day it was so Ironic because I really didn't know where the school house was and we were as I wrote before just riding around touring and OMG we went right by it I kindda filed it away and now at least had a general idea of where it was for my return and would have stopped then but made this sweet lady I was tellin ya about a promiser that I would bring her friend Sandra some
chocolate candies which I did bring but they had been back in the room.OK so today is the day we go visit the school house Lisa and I jumped into the cart and started out to look for it but somehow like I sometimes think they move things during the night I thought OMG they moved the school to.I tried in vein in so many was rode all over where I thought it was and even places I didn't think it was.I KNEW it was behind the Red Cross building but it seemed everyone I asked didn't understand RED CROSS.There was a fellow working on the streets and he did finally understand me BUT I didn't understand him or his directions just like I dont in the USA LOL.He did say go 3 kilo something's and go this way and he made a gesture with his hand NOW I was the one smiling.As I was about to head back thinking I am not going to give up and grab a taxi I out of the corner of my eye saw a sign that was very hard to read and it had a RED CROSS on it :-) :-) :-).Now I was really starting to
get this kindda like nervous feeling in my stomach why Im not sure I mean it was a good feeling but kind of a very excited one.I pulled up infront and I saw something I had yet to see on Isla a man that was staggering drunk and I do mean staggering but ya know what he walked by said something in staggering voice smiled and kept on his way.Just then someone stepped outside and I said Hi is Sandra here,YES Im Sandra OMG does she have a angel like smile and a way of making you feel so comfortable.I
wasn't sure exactly how this was going to go and I asked her Do you know Arlene and the first thing she said to me was yes she is my best friend.Now I felt a connection and the next thing I knew she invited us in.There were only three kids there that day and they were making lil ghosts for Halloween which was that night.I did not wanna impose but I did want a picture to bring back for Arlene so I asked if she would mind and she said oh no not at all would you like the kids to be in it to :-).We didn't stay long I conveyed to her what a good friend she does have in Arlene and how through Arlene so many people have been educated in what is going on there.I gave Sandra the bag of Chocolates and made a monetary donation to her and with no doubt in my mind knew exactly where it would be going and ya know what didn't care because I felt in my heart that she would
use it in the best way for the children that she knew how.I rode back along rough side of the Island where the breeze always blows and all through my senses I smelled those lovely flowers(which I keep in our room in water)and had this really nice feeling inside me,I didn't feel like talking right then just being.THANK YOU ARLENE for something you gave to me.

More Later

Part 5


As much as we did things on the spur of the moment THIS was a plan,after all I had to Meet Gus and Inga.The Red Eye is
very close to Playa Media Luna so the golf cart barely got warmed up and we pulled up in front............Oh I almost forgot the day before we were riding around and we did pass it and Gus was sitting outside (he likes to sit in that lil chair by the street)I yelled out Gus and he waved and smiled and I said we will see you tomorrow morning for breakfast.Anyway we pulled up and he said you are a man of your word you said you would be back.When Inga came out I said Hi how is your eye she pointed at me and said Iternet right,I smiled and she started telling us everything was going very well but that she will have to go back to
have some stitches inside of her eye removed and she really wasn't looking forward to that.We enjoyed there company and
also the food.HEY GUS ya got any of that potato salad I have been hearing about...Hold on lemme go see...............Opps its not ready yet can ya stop back..sure no problem.We said our good-byes and I asked Gus about the cemetery and he told us some very interesting tails that I will not try and tell you because I will screw it up so just go to The Red Eye Gus will tell ya Im
sure JUST TRY AND STOP HIM LOL.We walked over to the cemetery and I was totally awe struck in the erie beauty of it all,its nothing like we see here in the states everything is a monument full of color and beautiful stone work,I saw people washing down gravesites and just really fixing them up with flowers and other things.I did take some pictures but must admit I felt very strange doing it and tried not to let any of the locals see me do it.I had told Houston I would leave him a bottle of Dos somewhere in there and at the time I said that I meant it but after being inside there was NOWAY I ever could have.I left that

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